The facility will provide a versatile space for motorsport venues
along with a wide variety of community-focused events.

Motorsports Program

The Emerald Empire Sports Car Club (EESCC) can utilize a parking lot of varied configurations to host events. This allows for the versatility and flexibility required to provide a fun and safe autocross course. When the parking area is not utilized for autocross or other motorsports venues, the parking area will serve its initial role such as:

  • Vehicle parking for outdoor passive recreational activities
  • Community gatherings and socials
  • Farm and flea markets
  • Music and fair events or venues.

Supporting program elements could include:

  • Meeting room with office
  • Restrooms with shower facilities
  • Viewing areas
  • Food truck and vending space
  • Covered picnic areas
  • Camping areas for RV and tent camping

A multi-use facility

The key to the success of the facility will be multi-use or multi-function. The primary parking area can be configured in a number of ways, depending on the type of event. 

A long course autocross event can utilize several parking areas connected by access roadways.

A short course autocross event can focus on the use of a single parking area.

Vehicle staging and pit areas are part of the planning process.

Since autocross attracts campers and outdoor enthusiasts, an auxiliary camping area is integral to an autocross program.

Support facilities such as restrooms, meeting areas and picnic areas are critical to an autocross program.

Community Collaboration

Many local agencies could benefit from offering a facility within the mid-Willamette Valley. Police agencies, state, county, and city, require sites for vehicle training. Fire departments often use parking areas for vehicle rescue and safety operations. Schools, and all other community driving and training clubs and associations will also benefit from different aspects of the facility.

Potential benefits

• Solo Racing (Autocross)
• Police, fire, EMT driver training
• Driver training
• Teen driver safety training

• Car set-up, handling, and testing
• Solo racing schools
• Karting organizations
• Partner with school programs