The Racing Community

People have been racing since the invention of the wheel. Today, considering the many forms of racing, it is certainly among the most popular sports on the planet. For those with a passion for speed, involvement in autocross or club racing is often a family affair and can be an important social activity.

Regional clubs like the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club (EESCC), the Club behind this effort to establish a permanent venue, provide opportunities for auto enthusiasts at an entry level. Some move on to higher levels of the sport, but many more are satisfied just to race with their local club. For many participants, regular involvement is an important social outlet.

​Many racing enthusiasts include their family in the sport, not just to pack the lunches, but as pit crew, track volunteers, or volunteer positions in their local club.

Taken as a whole, amateur racing is big business! Local business Sponsors make it possible to keep the sport going year after year. Our EESCC sponsors are all local businesses that know how much their support means to a local club like ours. Some, but not all, are also racers.

​For novices interested in motorsports, local clubs provide a supportive racing community. Participants learn new skills and get to test and improve their abilities amongst an established group of racing enthusiasts.

Women Racers

These are exciting times for women in racing, and autocross is a great way to have a real and competitive racing experience!

All over the motorsports world there are women making groundbreaking news. From all-women racing teams in the 24hr of Le Mans, to 80% female pit crews at last year’s Indy 500. You will also find women racing in IMSA, and NASCAR as well.

Join the sport and join the community, it’s a choice you will never regret!

Young Drivers Program

Looking to help make your teen a safer driver? Where can you look for a location that can accommodate and or host a teen driving course? The Emerald Empire MotorSports Park would offer multiple opportunities for such activities. We look forward to helping young drivers understand the importance of safe and aware driving.

Vehicle Development

Are you interested in experimental or alternative fuel vehicles?  Well, so are we!  That’s why we are committed to making our facilities available to experimental or alternative fuel vehicle programs in the high schools, community colleges, and universities in our region.  Our autocross race surface will be ideal for testing, tuning, and holding sanctioned events for these groups.  If you are associated with any of these schools or programs, please contact us for more information.