Multiple uses for the facility

In the 21st Century, in addition to traditional forms of motorsports, the sport will welcome the increasing role of electric vehicles, and other methods of propulsion are already under development such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells. We’ll see – the Future has yet to be written!

What we do know about the future is that there will be racing, it will become safer, it will be cleaner, it will be quieter, and it will still be one of the most popular sporting activities on the planet! Small local events cans draw hundreds of people, while special events can draw many times more!

Regional attraction

Sponsored events will draw both competitors and spectators from the greater Western Oregon area and beyond. Our events at the Valley River Center routinely draw large numbers of spectators with no advertising whatsoever. Larger Regional and National events will have an even greater draw.

Community events

The venue will allow for other events not necessarily related to motorsports, such as farmer’s markets, swap meets, club events, large reunions, outdoor conventions, commercial specialty shows (such as “Home & Garden Shows”), and others – limited only by imagination!

Supporting local business

A quality, professionally managed venue will attract small businesses that serve and support various motorsports activities for which the facilities will be used. Examples include auto parts stores, automotive repair shops, engine builders, specialty tuning shops, coachbuilders, body shops, machine shops, lodging facilities, local restaurants, convenience stores, automotive paint shops, and more.

Additional benefits

The entire three-phase facility will require only a relatively small land area of 150-180 acres, so any impact on agricultural or forested lands currently requiring Special Use permits should be more than offset by providing revenue-generating and community service uses and activities.

Once realized, the park could provide opportunities for the venue to be used by Police, Fire and Emergency Responders for training and other purposes, providing savings for local city, county and state budgets.

The Foundation supports the development of a facility such as this to alleviate the lack of availability of spaces to hold a wide range of activities such as those listed above and many others. Whether developed on privately owned land or in cooperation with a County or City agency, we believe the benefits to the community, local and regional clubs, service organizations, local businesses and other users would be appreciated for decades to come.